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From loving our home to caring for the whole world.

Ju Tian Cleantech Co., Ltd. is based in Taiwan, founded by a group of young experts who share the same love towards their homeland. We started with helping local agricultural communities to deal with waste problem, by recycling wastes and make them into bio-based and biodegradable materials. 


With this vision, our brand 100% ZHI was launched in 2017 and focuses on manufacturing a wide range of products with bio materials. Each of our products is designed and made with minimum carbon emissions, minimum resource waste and maximum energy efficiency. They are sustainable alternatives to plastics and we believe that a sustainable business can truly make difference.

Core Values

Rethink & Design: We engage Life Cycle Thinking in designing products, they are made from recycled waste and will recover to natural resources again after disposal, creating an ever-lasting loop of renewable resources. 


Sustainability & Society: We engage clean technology as a guideline in every step of our manufacturing operation,meaning that less pollution is made, less energy and resource is used and zero harmful chemicals are used.

So how does it work? Let us explain…

Have you heard of a straw made from sugarcane fibers, coffee grounds or rice husks and any other plant residues one can think of?


Agricultural activities worldwide produce tons of wastes every day and they are most often discarded or incinerated. Take cane sugar production in Taiwan for example, sugarcanes are pressed into juice while leaving tons of wasted fibers behind, resulting in high waste management fees for local farmers and producers.


Luckily, with Ju Tian’s innovative technology, we are able to help these local communities and materialize their wastes into bio-based materials. A straw is then born from bagasse and it is 100% compostable. 

So to sum up about us…

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