Agricultural waste recycling



Circular Economy • Value-Added Wastes • Zero Wastes 
Develop renewable bio-materials and value-added agricultural wastes recycling.
Low CO2 emissions, low energy consumption, low negative impact on the environment.
Provide every customer with the safest products.


           Zero waste

    No plastic

          Agricultural waste recycling

                   100% Safe

Circular Economy

Our products are produced by renewable raw materials, with low energy consumption during production.

They could be recycled and return to the production chain even after use, which assures that finite resources on earth are used in a way of circulation and sustainability, forming a friendly industrial system.

Value-Added Wastes

Through redefining the wastes, we want to bring them new values by product design and research development.

In order to use resources efficiently, we have dedicated to use innovative technology and bring those wastes back to the circle of production.

Zero Wastes

Recycling natural wastes like bamboo fiber, sugarcane fiber, coffee grounds, we put efforts on reproduction and re-application in order to achieve waste-out, which could make sustainability come true.

Sugarcane Straw Three Size

6mm x 210mm

8mm x 210mm

12mm x 210mm

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