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Aug. 17, 2020

New launch - Home Compost Collection

Home compost right in your garden.

You might still remember the shocking footage of a sea turtle with plastic straw up in its nostril released in 2015, which raised the world’s attention of marine plastic pollution and accelerated movements.

Having engaged the SDGs and circular economy as our company guideline, we introduced our first product - compostable sugarcane straw in 2018. Then, in 2020, our team successfully developed a leading innovation - Home Compost Material.

Moreover, it does not contain traditional plastics like PP, PE, PET... , neither the bioplastic PLA. Home compostable products can be buried in yards/gardens after use, and it would naturally break down into water, carbon dioxide and organics by microorganisms. None of microplastics will be generated as pollutions, and the decomposition rate is faster than PLA straws as well.

Hence in our 2020 Home Compost Collection, you will find our new straws lighter with higher flexibility. They can be buried right in your yards/gardens and naturally decompose within 12 weeks (70%).

The following photos show the decomposition process. (The result stays tuned and will be updated!)


Home Compost Collection is our latest product line. All of its products are home compostable and PLA-free, they can be buried just in your garden and naturally degrade within 3 months, leaving no harmful trace behind.

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